Physical Activities  ( $70 + )

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CrossFit Wichita Falls

All classes are programmed and led by certified Crossfit instructors, and each class includes personal coaching and supervision throughout the entire workout.

Youth classes are priced differently than adult

Unlike the typical gym membership, our rates are not based on our members simply gaining access to our gym facility and disappearing into the fray.

CrossFit Texoma

CrossFit Texoma can provide a one stop shop for elite strength, conditioning, health and wellness in the Texoma region. We have activities for all ages to include children beginning at age five, youth sports teams, senior adults and even expecting mothers. We'll teach you proper nutrition, running form and have a corrective exercise and post-rehab program that will utilize mobility, flexibility and strength to resolve musculoskeletal injuries related to fitness and occupational activities.

Age 5 and up

Visit our website for more information.

Vernon College

Students and Community Members may also enroll in individual fitness classes offered at the Century City Fitness Center. Enrollment in a fitness class includes full access to the fitness center during regular operating hours.

Free for students enrolled in Vernon's academic classes. Community members pay $70. Visit the website for more information.