Heart Disease Resources

Organization Services Type
Acupuncture Clinic ALTERNATIVE THERAPY Info
Champions Clinic Back, Neck, and Leg Pain Relief; Weight Loss / Nutrition; Spinal Decompression and Massage Therapy ALTERNATIVE THERAPY Info
HCPLive Peer Exchange: Advances in Heart Failure Management Online Educational Series featuring features expert opinion and analysis from leading physician specialists on the latest developments in heart failure research, diagnosis, and management. CONFERENCES/ WORKSHOPS Info
Hospice of Wichita Falls Hospice services are available for any individual that has been determined by their physician to be in the end stages of a disease process. This includes lung disease, heart disease, neurological diseases, including dementia/Alzheimer's and other chronic diseases that are in their final stages. Hospice of Wichita Falls treats the patient and family as a whole unit and offers appropriate services. Hospice of Wichita Falls will provide the medications, supplies, and equipment related to the patient’s terminal diagnosis. THERAPEUTIC SERVICES Info